10 Posts from Our Instagram Feed That 'Blue' Us Away


If you have been following us on our Instagram profile for the past year, then you’ll know that we absolutely love seeing travellers on their adventures to far-flung destinations! Since then, we’ve noticed a trend amongst our most-liked posts. Can you guess what it is based on the title? 


Just picture the colour of clear skies, idyllic ocean escapes, and mysterious ice caves - that’s right, it’s the colour blue! ‘Blue’ destinations have been trending on our Instagram feed for a while, so we’ve decided to round up the top 10 posts from our Instagram feed that ‘Blue’ us away! Feed your wanderlust while you’re at home during the MCO period with our followers’ top picks: 


1. Jump into turquoise-blue waters of Palawan Island, Philippines 


Image by _aswewander from Instagram


The waters in Palawan are a stunning shade of turquoise-blue! Jump into their clear waters with your bae and you’ll have a dream island getaway fit for any honeymoon. 


2. Luxury poolside experiences await you in Bali, Indonesia 


Image by tropicexplorers from Instagram


Dive into some of the most luxurious pools in the resorts of Bali. This pool at Villa Phinisi is see-through with its clear reinforced glass sides. The epitome of pool luxury! 


3. Stunning inception-like water villas in the Maldives 


Image by rpnickson from Instagram


 With the water villas nestled into the sea-blue waters of Maldives as the backdrop, this travel photo looks otherworldly! Tip: Try your camera’s panorama mode vertically instead of panning from side to side to capture an amazing view like this! 


4. Watch the humpback whales swim in Hawaii 


Image by threeifbysea from Instagram


These gentle giants can be sighted in Hawaii with their young! Over the course of several months, they develop a thick layer of blubber as they travel towards polar ice caps during feeding season. Some humpback whales will journey as far as 11,000 miles back to the Antarctic peninsula. That’s pretty far from Hawaii, don’t you think?


5. Soak in the thermal waters of Saturnia, Tuscany 


Image by meandtuscany from Instagram


A deep soak in these warm, bubbling waters makes for a complete therapeutic experience! The thermal waters in Saturnia have been well-known amongst the locals since before the Romans arrived in Italy! The mud in the waters is said to have healing properties too - thanks to its mineral-rich composition. Nothing beats a natural spa in the great outdoors! 


6. Witness Mt Kinabalu In its Natural Surroundings


Image by davidddoddle from Instagram


The round cloud wrapping around Mt Kinabalu here is known as a Lenticular cloud! Mt Kinabalu is known as the highest peak in all of Malaysia and the Malay archipelago and in traditional Kadazan folklore it is also known as ‘the revered place of the dead’. It is said that the peak is where all souls reside after their deaths! Would you dare to hike up? 

7. Underwater statues at Gili Meno 


Image by traceourtravels from Instagram


Did you know that these hauntingly beautiful statues were built to help save the coral fish in Gili Meno? The statues, carved by famed underwater sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, are expected to become part of a coral reef over time, as coral grows out of it to attract colourful tropical fishes.


8. Go stargazing at Morskie Oko, the fourth largest lake in Poland 


Image by prorvina from Instagram


According to local legend, Morskie Oko (also known as The Eye of the Sea) is a portal to the Baltic Sea through a magical underwater tunnel! It might take some time to hike to Morskie Oko through the mountains, but the view is definitely worth it. Camp overnight for a stunning view of the stars! 


9. The World’s Largest Indoor Waterfall at Jewel Changi Airport 


Image by bengoeseverywhere from Instagram


Take in the grandeur of the Rain Vortex Waterfall at Jewel Changi Airport - at seven storeys high, it is known as the largest indoor waterfall in the world! What’s equally impressive is the light and sound show as pictured here, that happens at 7.30pm – 11.30pm daily, at hourly intervals. 


10. There’s no place like the Petronas Twin Towers

Image by hannahonearth from Instagram


The Petronas Twin Towers may not be the tallest structure in the world - but they still hold the title for tallest twin towers worldwide! While stunning in the day, witness its true magnificence at night from KLCC park. Truly a Malaysian icon! 


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