Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park

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  • Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park which covers 26 acres and features 26 rides and attractions perfect for everyone in the family, is filled with 9 uniquely themed worlds.

    • Adult  (Above 110cm) - RM 151

    • Child  (90 to 110cm) / Senior (Above 60 years old) - RM 128

  • Attractions & rides at Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park

    • Studio Plaza

    • Eagle Mountain

    • Central Park

    • Rio

    • Andromeda Base

    • Liberty Lane

    • Epic

    • Robots Rivet Town

    • Ice Age

  • Park operating hour : open daily 11 am - 6 pm

  • Eligibility: 
    • Children with a height of 110cm and above will be charged the same rate as adults

    • Children aged 0-17 must be accompanied by a paying adult

    • Free for children with a height of 89cm or below

  • Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park: General Info : Click here

                                                         : Rainy Day Guarantee : Click here

  • Additional Information:
    • Once you connect your ticket code to the Genting SkyWorlds App, you are permitted to re-enter.

    • Only valid and original Tickets will be accepted at the Entrances. Your Ticket must not be torn, duplicated, photocopied, or falsified in order to be admitted. The operators of theme parks reserve the right to take action against anyone in possession of Tickets that they suspect were obtained through fraud or illegal means.

    • Only the day and time shown on each Ticket are valid. To access and/or reenter the Genting SkyWorlds TP, please scan the QR code on your ticket, and make sure your biometrics are properly recorded. Only in the event that your biometrics cannot be recorded for medical or other valid reasons, are handstamps for re-entry accessible. 

    • Always keep your ticket with you. Upon request, you must present your ticket.

    • All of your bags, luggage, clothing, and other items or personal possessions may be subject to screening/security checks due to safety and security concerns at the Entrances and/or any area(s) of the Genting SkyWorlds TP (which may be repeated at other area(s).

    • Please refer to official Rules & Regulations before visiting.

    • No outside food or beverages are allowed inside the establishment.

    • Bottles, fireworks, lasers, and other potentially hazardous items that could disturb or annoy other visitors are not allowed within the venue.

  • How to redeem:
    • Before entering the park, the customer must register their biometric data by scanning their admission ticket at the turnstile and linking it to the Genting SkyWorlds App.

    • Only after linking your entrance ticket to the Genting SkyWorlds app and scanning it at the turnstile on the day of your visit may customers make Virtual Queue (VQ) Reservations.

    • If you visit Genting SkyWorlds without downloading the app, you MUST keep your admission ticket to enter the park again.
  • Address: Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park, Genting Highlands Resort, 69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang

  • Validity: 07 Oct 2022

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