Car Rental Langkawi

Nissan Almera (1.5A)

RM99 -1 days car rental

  • based on 24 hours per day

  • Minimum usage of 3 days


Compulsory document to provide for personal rental before the checkout date:

  1. Copy of identity card (Malaysian) & Copy of passport (Non-Malaysian) - front & back

  2. Copy of driving license (Malaysian) & International Driving License (Non-Malaysian) - front & back

  3. PDPA Form

  4. Copy of Credit Card - front and back and must have at least six months validity from the rental date

  5. Credit Card Authorization Form 

Rental Note:

  1. Rates do not include any parking, fuel, summons or other incidental surcharges.

  2. Confirmation of vehicle is subject to availability.

  3. The rates are subject to 6% SST

  4. Smoking, Pets and Durians are NOT allowed in the car.

  5. Only accept credit cards for security deposits & payment.


1.1 Basic Waiver (BW) & Excess Waiver (EW) & Theft Waiver (TW)

The hirer is responsible for all damages to the vehicle & theft of the vehicle regardless of fault. These costs may include parts, labour, towing and storage costs, a daily fee for Mayflower's loss of use of the vehicle and an administration fee. 

However, as BW & EW & TW are included in the rates quoted above and subject to the terms and conditions stated in the rental Agreement, the Hirer’s liability is reduced to a maximum liability of:

Vehicle Group A : Non-Waiver Excess / Maximum Liability (RM) 1000

The reduction in liability is only effective subject to the availability of a police report made within 24 hours of any incident/damage/theft to the vehicle otherwise hirer is responsible for the full cost on any damages to the vehicle or each and every accident during the period of rental.

BW, EW & TW and motor insurance does not cover the following events:

  1. Missing items, accessories and any damage claims arise out of drunken driving, drug intoxication, natural disaster, gross negligence or unlawful act.

  2. Where a police report is not lodged within 24 hours from the time of accident / incident to the leased vehicle.

  3. The hirer is in breach of the terms and conditions of the Vehicle Rental Agreement.

  4. Where the loss, damage or theft is caused intentionally or due to gross negligence of the hirer or an authorized driver.

  5. Where the rented vehicle driven outside Malaysia

1.2 Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)

1.2.1 If the Lease Charges of the Said Vehicle is inclusive of the PAI, death and permanent disability coverage to the Designated Driver(s) and the passenger(s) in the Said Vehicle will be provided as follows

  1. Benefits : Accidental death for the Designated Driver(s) > Limits : RM100,000.00

  2. Benefits : Permanent disability for the Designated Driver(s) (up to) > Limits : RM100,000.00

  3. Benefits: Accidental death * coverage for children aged 5 years and below is limited to RM5,000.00 only. > Limits: RM100,000.00 (the total limit for all passengers in Said Vehicle) 

  4. Benefits: Permanent disability (up to) * coverage for children aged 5 years and below is limited to RM5,000.00 only. > Limits: RM100,000.00 (the total limit for all passengers in Said Vehicle)

  5. Benefits : Medical expenses per person (up to) > Limits : RM5,000.00

  6. Benefits : Funeral expenses per person > Limits : RM5,000.00

1.2.2 For the avoidance of doubt, the passengers' coverage will be dependent on the seating capacity of the Said Vehicle.

1.2.3 For the purpose of illustration, assuming that the seating capacity of the Said Vehicle is stated as 6 on the registration card, this would mean that:

  1. After excluding the Designated Driver, the sum insured coverage for passengers will be RM20,000.00 per passenger (i.e. RM100,000.00 divided by 5 passengers);

  2. If there are 3 passengers in the Said Vehicle (2 adults, 1 child below 5 years old) at the time of an accident which resulted in the death of all the passengers, the indemnity coverage for this case will be [(2 X RM20,000.00) + RM5,000.00 = RM45,000.00]


2.1 Interior CleaningHirer is liable for all interior upholstery and carpet cleaning if car is returned with dirtied interiors. Hirer is also liable for any cigarette burn marks on the fabric or leather upholstery.

2.2 Interior Damages Hirer is liable for all damages to instruments, knobs and fittings in the car.

2.3 Lost or broken of Parts or AccessoriesHirer is liable for all missing, stolen or broken of parts during rental period or car return. For example: Spare tires, rims, tools & jacks, lamps, windscreen, audio set, gear lock, lighter, wiper, switches & control button, mats, rear view mirror and side view mirror, sun visor, head rest and etc. Lost or damage of the above supplementary parts or accessories will be the responsibility of the Hirer.

2.4 Lost of Car Keys / Duplicate Car Key Hirer is liable for all replacement cost which includes new set of keys and security system and/or whatever items pertaining to the loss of car keys and car alarm system.

2.5 FuelFuel is level to level. The Rental Vehicle is let out with fuel level as specified in the “ Vehicle Checklist” form and must be returned the same.


3.1 All rates quoted are current and subject to change without prior notice. Strictly 14 days from the date of this quote.

3.2 Please take note that this quotation is only for Hirer information and it is not binding until and unless Hirer obtained our official approval.

3.3 Upon our approval, both parties shall sign a rental contract. Contracting parties shall be only between Hirer and Mayflower (B2B).


  • Delivery and collection charges within office hours vary with distance and timing. Rates will be provided at the time of enquiry or confirmation of booking.


  • Delivery or Collection before/after operating hour & Sunday / Public Holidays will be an additional RM53 Surcharge (Inclusive 6% SST).


6.1 Driver must be at least 21 years old and at least 30 years old for cars group 2000cc & above. The maximum driver age is 65 years old.

6.2 Driver must possess a valid current local Malaysian driving license or an International Driving Permit with qualified driving experience of at least one year. Probationary drivers are not permitted (“P” license holders).


7.1 Use in Malaysia only (Except Labuan & Langkawi).

7.2 Use only for social domestic & pleasure purposes and not for test/demo drive by any person.

7.3 The vehicle to be driven in all government gazette roads only. Failing to comply, the Hirer shall be liable for all accidental and costs including under-carriage repair & cleaning and interior upholstery.


  • Only named drivers will be allowed to drive the vehicle. BW, EW, TW & PAI will not be covered if an unnamed driver is driving the car. All named drivers shall be recorded in the Rental Agreement.


  • Mayflower Car Rental shall undertake to provide full maintenance of the leased vehicle subject to fair wear & tear. Fair Wear & Tear Shall have its natural and ordinary meaning of the damaging effects of ordinary use over a long period but does not include:

9.1 In respect of the bodywork of the Said Vehicle, the dents and scratches which is caused by the user 3rd party, failure of colour matching where repairs have been made and/or rust aggravated by lack of care and attention;

9.2 In respect of upholstery: stains, tears or burns in seats, headlining or carpet;

9.3 In respect of the engine of the Said Vehicle: gearbox, clutch, axles, suspension, in steering and breaks or any parts thereof not being in good functioning order;

9.4 In respect of the electrical part of the Said Vehicle: light and all other equipment connected to the electrical system within the Said Vehicle or any part thereof not being in good functioning order; and

9.5 In respect of tyres of the Said Vehicle: tyres of less than 2mm of tread, uneven wear of tyres or slits in tyre walls to the Said Vehicle.


10.1 A deposit/security deposit in the form of a signed blank credit/charge card slip will be required from the hirer (if the hirer has no credit facilities with Mayflower Car Rental) at the time of rental to cover additional estimated costs such as petrol, parking charges, traffic summonses, etc.

10.2 Mayflower reserves the right to refuse its car rental services if this term is not met.

10.3 Mayflower only accepts American Express, Visa, MasterCard and other major credit cards.

10.4 Third-Party Credit Cards, Debit Card, Cash & Personal Cheque are not acceptable.

10.5 Mayflower requires an additional 1-month rental as a deposit/security deposit for 1-month rental & above.

10.6 Mayflower requires a deposit/security deposit depending on the rental rates per month / Excess

10.7 Rental Charges Monthly rental rate is payable in advance on the 1st of every calendar month.

10.8 Early Termination The Penalty shall be all unused rental up to the end of the rental period.

10.9 Late Payment 18% calculated on a daily basis.


11.1 All parking fees or traffic fines/summonses incurred during the rental period will be the responsibility of the Hirer named in the Rental Agreement.

11.2 Mayflower reserves the right to charge the Hirer for all traffic fines/summonses even after the termination of the rental period including an administrative surcharge of RM 50.00 (Exclude 6% SST).


  • All our vehicles are prohibited from being driven into these countries.


13.1 Each Party represents and warrants that at all times during the term of this Agreement:

(i) it is in compliance with all relevant and applicable anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws and regulations (“Applicable Anti-Corruption Laws”); and

(ii) it shall ensure that its employees, officers and/or directors and its Affiliates as well as those acting on its behalf and under its supervision, care and management observe and comply with such Applicable AntiCorruption Laws.

13.2 Each Party further represents and warrants that: -

(a) in the course of negotiation, execution and performance of this Agreement, it and its Affiliates have not made, offered or authorised any payment, undertaking, gift or any other advantage (directly or indirectly through an intermediary) to any persons including any personnel employed by the other Party or acting on its behalf where the purpose of such payment, undertaking, gift or advantage is to incite or induce such individual to perform or refrain from performing acts contrary to its legal obligations or obtain an improper advantage in relation to the activities under this Agreement; and

(b) it and its Affiliates shall not make or offer any of the above.

13.3 Each Party agrees that breach of any of the provisions under this Clause constitutes a material breach of this Agreement which entitles the non-defaulting Party to forthwith terminate this Agreement and/or enforce its rights and seek remedies available to it at law or in equity.

13.4 For the purpose of this Clause, “Affiliates” shall mean that with respect to an entity, any entity that:

(i) is controlled directly or indirectly by;

(ii) controls directly or indirectly; or

(iii) is under common control with such entity, and “control” for the purpose of this definition shall mean having a fifty per cent (50%) or greater interest in the issued share capital of the other entity.


  • All other terms and conditions are stipulated in our Rental Agreement.

Avg. Hotel Star Rating:  
Start from
MYR 99
per car per day

  • Unlimited mileage & Waivers – CDW & TW

    • Basic Waiver (BW): Insurance coverage excludes the first RM2,000.00 damages.

    • Excess Waiver (EW): Inclusion of EW in addition to BW will further reduce the customer's maximum liability from RM2,000.00 excess to RM1,000.00.

    • Theft Waiver (TW): Coverage for theft of vehicle with excess liability of RM1,000.00.

    • Personal Accident Insurance (PAI): Death & Permanent Disability coverage of RM30,000.00 for driver and RM10,000.00 per passenger up to maximum RM70,000.00 per car.

  • Petrol, delivery and collection charges, parking and toll charges, and other incidental charges, unless specified above.

  • 6% SST

  • Refundable deposit RM500