[Seat-In-Coach] Tokyo Cherry Blossoms & Rapeseed Blossoms One-Day Tour|Taihei Mountain Cherry Blossom Tunnel & Gongendo Sakura Bank & Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine

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Tokyo - Saitama - Tochiqi

Duration 11 hr(s) | English/Chinese Guide Language | Present e-voucher on-site

The one-day flower viewing tour in the suburbs of Tokyo will take you to 4 flower viewing spots in the suburbs of Tokyo (Saitama, Ibaraki, Tochigi) in one day, where you can see cherry blossoms and rape blossoms at a glance. Go to the Taipingshan Cherry Blossom Tunnel, where the cherry blossoms are in full bloom on both sides; enjoy the blooming cherry blossoms on the banks of the Kawagoe River; watch the beautiful spring scenery of rape blossoms and Someiyoshino cherry blossoms intertwined with the cherry blossoms at the Gongendo Cherry Embankment; enjoy the full-blooming peach blossoms in Furukawa Taoyuan Township.


What You Can Expect

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  • Features of the itinerary -
    • Easy booking on KKday, departing from Shinjuku, Tokyo, and easily going to the holy places of flower viewing in the suburbs of Tokyo Mount Taiping Cherry Blossom Tunnel, Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine ・Enjoy all you can eat Japanese-style yakiniku for lunch, and taste a variety of meat, desserts and other delicious dishes
  • Travel Information-
    • Meeting time: 07:10
    • Meeting location: In front of Shinjuku i-Land Tower (in front of the LOVE sculpture)
    • Travel length: about 11 hours ・Return information: Scheduled to arrive in Shinjuku at 18:30
  • Itinerary introduction-
    • Gongendo Sakura Tsui is one of the few famous cherry blossom viewing spots in the Kanto area. The whole journey is one kilometer long, and about 1,000 Somei Yoshino cherry trees bloom in the cherry blossom tunnel. The cherry blossoms and the surrounding rapeseed fields complement each other, which is too beautiful to behold.
    • Furukawa Taoyuan Township is located in the Furukawa Public Park in Ibaraki Prefecture. About 5 varieties and nearly 1,500 peach blossoms are planted in the pink scenery.
    • Victoria Cherry Blossom Tunnel is one of the top 100 cherry blossom viewing spots in Japan. Mount Taiping is located in the west of Tochigi City. The entire mountain is covered with about 4,000 cherry trees. There is a 2-kilometer-long cherry blossom tunnel on the sightseeing road in the north of the mountain, and the cherry blossoms are in full bloom on both sides.
    • Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine・New Kawagoe River side-by-side cherry blossom trees are located in Kawagoe, a suburb of Tokyo. 500 meters, nearly 100 cherry blossoms are in full bloom on both sides of the Shin-Kawagawa River.
  • Important Information -
    • Please note that the fee for children aged 3-5 only includes bus seats.
    • Accompanying infants and toddlers: Free rides for children under 2 years old. One adult can only bring one infant under the age of 2 who does not occupy a seat. Meals and attraction tickets will not be provided. A child fee will be charged for occupying a seat. Please note. If there are infants under the age of 2 accompanying you, please make a note in the remarks column.
    • The flower viewing period may be slightly delayed due to weather conditions. After the itinerary is completed, it will depart as usual regardless of the cherry blossom blooming situation. Please be informed.
    • Vehicles used: Dispatch according to the number of people. When there are a small number of people in the group, the driver and the accompanying person will be arranged to provide the whole tour service, and no additional team leader will be sent, please be informed.
    • All you can eat Japanese-style yakiniku for lunch. If you have to change to a vegetarian meal due to allergies or religious reasons, or if you do not need to eat (refunds will not be accepted), please order vegetable dishes from the menu, and no other options will be provided Please excuse the vegetarian meal.
    • Due to the limited space in the luggage storage box, each person is limited to one large suitcase on the bus. If there are more than two pieces, please inform us in the remarks column. Please cooperate.



Pre-Order Reminders

  • Minimum of 20 people are required to operate this tour. If total number of travelers do not match the minimum requirement for this trip, the tour will be cancelled and you will receive a notification e-mail 4 day(s) prior to departure
  • In the event of a change in itinerary or cancellation due to traffic, weather, or any other unforeseen circumstances, travelers will be informed 1 day(s) (at 15:00 local time) prior to departure by e-mail
  • Please arrive at designated location 20 mins prior to departure, as tour will depart on time
  • Meal is not included for children under age 5
  • Please wear light clothing and shoes to participate.
  • The scheduled travel itinerary may be changed or canceled due to traffic conditions and congestion on the day.
  • Please arrive at the meeting point 20 minutes in advance, the bus will leave on time, no waiting after time. Late arrivals are considered No-show and will not be refunded, please note.
  • Please confirm the tour number on the spot and gather in front of the LOVE sculpture in front of Shinjuku i-Land Tower.


Cancellation Policy

  • Non-refundable once the booking is confirmed.
MYR 319
per person
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07:30 Depart from Shinjuku i-Land Tower (in front of the LOVE sculpture)
07:30 Depart from Shinjuku i-Land Tower (in front of the LOVE sculpture)
Victoria Peak (approximately 2 kilometers of cherry blossom tunnel / 60 minutes)
Furukawa Public Park (Taoyuan Township where 5 kinds of peach blossoms bloom / 50 minutes)
Enjoy all-you-can-eat yakiniku for lunch, and taste a variety of meat, desserts and other delicious dishes
Gongendo Sakura Bank (beautiful views of rape blossoms and Someiyoshino cherry blossoms / 60 minutes)
Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine (see the cherry blossom trees lined up on both sides of the Shin-Kawashi River / 60 minutes)
18:30 Arrive in Shinjuku
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MYR 319
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  • shuttle bus

  • All you can eat yakiniku for lunch

  • Fees for infants aged 3-5 include bus seats only

  • other personal expenses

  • lunch (toddler)