[Tokyo bus half-day excursion] Two grand prize cherry blossom spots "Chidoribuchi" & "Meguro River" & Meiji Shrine & Miyashita Park

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Duration 4 hr(s) | Japanese Guide Language | Present e-voucher on-site

Enjoy cherry blossoms as a passenger on the bus! The No. 1 popular five-star scenic spot in Tokyo, "Chidori-buchi", the prize-filled red water surface, the Buddha's imaginary wonderland! Meiji Jingu, a former Tokyo city, and Miyashita Park, a new shopping street in Shibuya! Outside of this, the black river award night cherry blossoms are a super popular spot, and the heat wave and the dream night cherry blossom union can't go wrong!

  • Five-Star Award Sakurakage Spot "Chidoriguchi"! Enjoy the powdered color cherry blossoms around the fantasy world.
  • For the Japanese vote selection, the "Mokuro River", which is "required to leave", and the cherry blossom river channel, which is located in 4 kilometers, is the most authentic Japanese-style cherry blossom viewing trip.
  • Tokyo must-visit "Meiji Jingu"! Rituals The Meiji emperor's city green, the surrounding Harajuku rule is a sacred place for the tide of the year.
  • Miyashita Park is located in Shibuya, a sacred place for Japanese trends. 

>No child price for this course, 3-11 year old child and adult same price, adult accompanying on demand. 

>Not yet 3 years old, no need to purchase a ticket for a child who does not want to buy a ticket. 1 adult only, 1 untrained child.


What You Can Expect

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  • Itinerary Features-
    • One person can immediately complete a group, enjoy the full atmosphere of the half-day Tokyo-like cherry blossom wakyouten procession!
    • The No. 1 most popular five-star scenic spot in Tokyo for recreational activities, “Chidoriguchi”!
    • Delicious sales dishes such as the first Tokyo Prize cherry blossom must-see "Meguro River", the first prize cherry blossoms, and the one-sided sake!
    • Miyashita Park, a must-visit Meiji Jingu shrine in Tokyo and a new shopping spot! Tokyo where you can fully enjoy the spring season and current trends!
    • Chinese guidebook provided by the members of the group, please enjoy the fun!
  • Itinerary information-
    • Meeting time: 13:45
    • Meeting point: Tokyo Marunouchi Building
    • Departure time: 14:00
    • Length of stroke: about 4 hours
    • Dissolution notice: Approximately 18:00 around Meguro River
  • Itinerary introduction-
    • Chidoriguchi
    • The cherry blossom season is coming to Tokyo. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sea of flowers in the blooming scenery of cherry blossoms, super romantic!
    • Meiji Jingu
    • Japan's No. 1 super-large shrine for the number of visitors all year round, it's a city like Tokyo! Kazutoshi Torii, a must-see giant, has been strongly recommended by the main shrine! Lastly, the wish to pray for Nakadome at Meiji Jingu is a realistic ``anime''!
    • Miyashita Park
    • There are about 90 characteristic rich shops, all kinds of shops, scales and comb ratio. The renovated Miyashita Park has a well-ventilated open space, and in addition to the recreational ice pool and rock fence of the Sanya Highway, the newly restored multi-purpose sports facility. A free-flowing resting place in the middle of the road, a multi-functional public space, a fusion of nature and people's exciting activities, from Tokyo to the world, a generation of culture.
    • Meguro River
    • Ueno Park, Chidori-no-fuchi Sina, and the cherry blossom sanctuary of the first Tokyo Prize cherry blossom must-see! Kagami Kurokawa Cherry Blossom Festival, which is held every year in the city of Kagami Kurokawa.



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  • Space inside the car is limited, only 1 car per person can be carried, please understand.
  • Due to the weather, etc., the flowering situation is different, and it is respectful and knowledgeable.
  • Commander's contingent getting off the train guide, thank you for your understanding.

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